Thanks to my muse. Remember, we met when I was nine years old? I finally realized it is you that visits my sleep, and informs my dreams. Thanks to the players. Your superb musicianship is a gift, and your love of the songs will never leave my soul. Thanks to Donna Vandiver and Glenda Murphy for sharing your husbands, and your homes for many rehearsals. Thanks to my wife, Denise, for your love and constant support. Thanks to our growing family. What inspiration each of you provide, just being yourselves. Thanks to Jung Jacob Song for recording a beautiful record, and for knowing how to blend our ideas. I gained a new friend in the process. Thanks to Oklahoma author, Stanley Beesley for listening along the way, and providing heart felt encouragement. Finally, thanks to Richard Higgs, one of my very favorite storytellers. I asked him, "why do you want to write songs with me?" His reply was just like his stories - honest and mysterious. He said, "I just have a feeling!" I loved his answer...

I couldn't ask for a better collaborator than Michael. The team he assembled for this recording far exceeded my high expectations. My sincere thanks to all, especially Michael Ray Little. A quick note about Fourth & Cheyenne. There's a line in that song that goes, "the devil's scratching my heel." I did not coin that phrase. Woody Guthrie had written a prose poem that was set to music and recorded by Jackson Browne, entitled, "You Know The Night!" That is where I heard it. I assumed at first that Woody  had borrowed it, in the folk tradition, but I can find no pre Woody Guthrie reference to the term. So, let's give credit where credit is due. Thank you Woody, for the loan.

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