CD Release Party for "SIGH IN THE NIGHT GRASS" will be May 12, 2017 at Emerson Hall at All Souls - 29th. & Peoria in Tulsa. TEN NEW SONGS CO WRITTEN BY RICHARD HIGGS AND MYSELF! Doors at 6:00 Show at 6:30

Click the audio tab and get a free download of The Empress of New Musico. If you get tired of reading the story to your children or grandchildren - I'll sing it to them!

I've also added two new songs to this site, co written with my daughter, Lauren. "Shine a Light" and "Ruby" a song about my mom! You can check them out under the Audio tab.

Music - The universal language, isn't it the truth? In every tiny corner of our beautiful planet, it is music that helps people get through their day, their night, their struggle. We unconsciously rely on music. In short, we are all wired to attract the vibration. We need it. Some of us actually get to write and create music. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than creating stories with words and rhythms. Something that did not exist - now does. It is probably the same for the carpenter, the architect, the painter. It is cool and I am so thankful that I get to do it. Hey - look to your left - yeah, there. Scroll & click on a song - thanks. The songs from "Flying Boy" were performed by Jeff Blair on bass, Danny Humphrey on lead guitar, Greg Raw on drums, and me on guitar and vocals. The "Star Crossed" players were the aforementioned lads, plus the phenomenal Pat Murray on keyboards. Pat left us much to early and is greatly missed but his playing will live on here. The "Star Crossed" line up was also responsible for the music on "Off The Coast Of Your Heart" from 1993.

The Sonny Boy video is a tribute to my friend, Emmy award recipient Sonny Beesley. Sonny left us much too soon and is dearly missed. I am accompanied by my pals, the Gumbo Poets, Tim Terral, Gene Williams, Jay Lesikar, and Trish Roth.

If you do Facebook, stop by the Michael Ray Little Music page and say hi.

The store here has been updated to provide a more user friendly experience & I am having a ball writing children's books. A Facebook page has been created for the book, "The Empress of New Musico". Stop by and visit. In 2017 I am going to deliver a new children's book, "Cadence And The Magic Drum" - another New Musico series book. I have also been having a lot of fun co writing songs with Richard Higgs, the co host of Folk Salad on Tulsa's NPR affiliate KWGS @ 89.5 FM.

I took 2015 off and traveled throughout the United States with my wife Denise, and 2016 was spent working on the new record and putting a new band together, and they are fab  * The Dream Merchants *

Susanne Woolley - Violin

J Pat Murphy - Electric guitar

Ray Vandiver - Acoustic guitar

Jeff Blair - Bass

Aaron Morton Drums/piano

I would also like to "shine a light" on my daughter, Lauren Little, a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles, who is hard at work writing songs for her first solo record, under the moniker - Ray Little. She has written some stunning material and I can't wait for people to hear it.

And finally:

*From my children's book, "Boris the Tortoise, and Bella the Girl - The fireflies names are Harley, Farley, Charlie, Arlie, Moe, Flo, Bo, Jo, Vim, Him, Dim, Slim, & Johnson City...

Is life not the coolest thing?

Sonny Boy

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