1. Ed's Hideaway

From the recording Ed's Hideaway

An afternoon with the poets, misfits, and heroes, down at the local pub


Summer dreams of winter scenes - August bearing down
The snowman is out of town - I wish he'd come back around
Pass the cheer - Glass of beer - We keep cool this way
On hot summer days - There ain't a one of us drawing pay - hey
We're okay - Down at Ed's Hideaway
Overjoyed - unemployed - Swallowing life in sections
Looking for directions
It's hard to flee summer's heat - It's enough to drive you crazy
Accused of being lazy - I don't let that phase me
People say that they're okay - Sometimes they are lying
Deep inside they're dying - Walking 'round carrying it inside them - yeah
We're okay - Down at Ed's Hideaway
Everyday it's the same old crowd - We don't always have to pay
And we ain't that loud - We're just floating on a cloud
Same old folks - Same old jokes - The old soldier gets paid tomorrow
So I won't have to borrow - Any bread to spread my sorrow
Lonesome Sam the piano man - He comes in later today
I'll be requesting some Randy Newman - From the stool next to Ray
We're okay - Down at Ed's Hideaway
Everybody's got a story to tell - There don't seem to be no bottom to the well
We're just floating here in hell