From the recording Everything She Touches

My love's like a redwood - Growing unnoticed!


Everything she touches - Turns into gold
That's why I gave her - My heart to hold
She moves slow like a zephyr - Across a warm summer night
Since I gave her the reigns - The ride's been all right
My love's like a redwood - Growing unnoticed
There's no need collecting - The debts that are owed us
Coz we've got a million in the First National Heart
The interest rate grows - When we are apart
Yeah - that's my baby - My little sunshine woman
She's my little woman - Yeah
I love my baby - I love her way
I look forward - To each and every day
I need my ba ba baby - I need her trust
I'm never ever gonna let - Let this love go to rust
Oh my girl - Shake me up
She's a woman's woman - I can never get enough
Oh my woman - Dress so nice
Pretty little woman
Oh my girl - Shake me up
My woman - incredible too