1. Rachel's Angel

From the recording Rachel's Angel

A song for my daughter, Lauren Rachel


Rachel's hair is caught in the wind - Nature's force causes them to spin
There I am looking back at them - Through the camera lens - Again and again
This photograph of her's in my head - Don't take my picture she said
She won't remember til I'm dead - And she's pouring over photographs - Again and again
Rachel is so pretty inside - I don't know why she had to hide
Now she appears to be more like the sun in the sky - Shoving cloudy days aside
Rachel's angel's bigger than mine - She works him all of the time - I remember back in '69 - I wore my angel out just trying to prove - That I could never die
Rachel's writing songs in her room - Some of them are bound for the moon
You can sing them out of tune - They're that damn good