1. Railcar

From the recording Railcar

Lead guitarist, Danny Humphrey, showed up at my house and said, "I had a nightmare. It woke me up and I got up and wrote this riff. The entire episode scared the hell out of me and the tune needs some words!" I listened to it until the lyrics paralyzed me and forced their way into my brain (a couple of hours)... I love this song!


Look at those strangers - What are they carrying in those sacks
I'd chase 'em down - But I'm afraid I'd never come back
Why is everything black - Are we under attack

Here in the darkness - Where everything's surreal
A cop in a rowboat - Said "don't go near the hill"
Out 'neath that brightest star - They load another car

Out here on the precipice - Where has everybody gone
And where is the evidence - That we ever did belong
This time they've gone to far - There goes another car
I miss my home - I'm all alone
What do they mean
Why can't I scream