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The Rays for Christmas

Crow Creek Tavern, 3534 South Peoria, Tulsa, OK


Lauren’s in town!!

Crow Creek Tavern, 3534 South Peoria, Tulsa, OK

The Rays will be joined onstage by Michael’s daughter, Lauren, a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, working under the moniker, Ray Little, along with Aaron Morton, Tulsa musician,producer, and filmmaker


The Rays

Crow Creek Tavern, 3534 South Peoria, Tulsa, OK

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Music - The universal language, isn't it the truth? In every tiny corner of our beautiful planet, it is music that helps people get through their day, their night, their struggle. We unconsciously rely on music. In short, we are all wired to attract the vibration. We need it. Some of us actually get to write and create music. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than creating stories with words and rhythms. Something that did not exist - now does. It is probably the same for the carpenter, the architect, the painter. It is cool and I am so thankful that I get to do it. Hey -  You can hit the "audio" tab to listen to a lot of songs complete with lyrics.

This website exists for the songs. It's all about the songs. All the other tabs and buttons are the fluff you expect from a website. But it's all about the songs, and after a hiatus where I've spent time traveling and lots of writing, I'm getting back out there.

For the past two years I have been working with Aaron J. Morton at his Wonderheim studio on two new records. "Here On Earth" was released in November of 2019. It is for sale or download ready at all of the usual sites - CD Baby, I Tunes, Amazon, etc. The other project is called "Home" and I will finish recording when the pandemic backs off. I currently have 18 songs nearly finished with two or three more to record. Upon completion of these two projects, I'm going to record a straight up rock n roll record with some of my best friends and lots of electric guitars! I also hope to record a children's record for release in 2021. I still have a children's book that needs to be illustrated, and I hope to begin that process this year. I have missed playing gigs, and recently formed a duo, The Rays, with my good friend, Ray Vandiver. We have been encouraged by the crowds we are drawing and our show is a 50/50 mix of originals and tasty, obscure covers. We will be back playing gigs as soon as it is safe. I love the studio, and songwriting, and as long as songs continue to visit me, I will remain engaged in that effort.













And finally:

*From my children's book, "Boris the Tortoise, and Bella the Girl - The fireflies names are Harley, Farley, Charlie, Arlie, Moe, Flo, Bo, Jo, Vim, Him, Dim, Slim, & Johnson C

Is life not the coolest thing?